Model 725 Incremental Shaft Encoder

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The Model 725 Accu-Coder™ optical shaft encoder is specifically designed for the challenges of an industrial environment. Even with its tough, industrial package, this Size 25 encoder still has the performance to reach resolutions up to 30,000 cycles per revolution. The Model 725 offers both flange and servo mounting options, and is available in two distinctive housing styles: Standard Housing (N) and Industrial Housing (I). The rugged Standard Housing isolates the internal electronics from the shock and stress of the outer environment, while the extra heavy-duty Industrial Housing features a fully isolated internal encoder unit. Isolating the unit prolongs bearing life by using an internal flexible mount to protect the encoder from severe axial and radial shaft loading. The Industrial Housing is the recommended solution for applications subject to continuous side loads, such as those that drive the encoder with a measuring wheel, pulley, or chain and sprocket. Features Standard Size 25 Package (2.5"x 2.5") Up to 30,000 CPR Standard and Industrial Housings Servo and Flange Mounting IP67 Sealing Available Spec Sheet

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