Camera Enclosure, Splash/Light Washdown, Universal, 10in, 304 stainless body

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Splash/Light Washdown, Universal, 10in, 304 stainless body The 38D enclosure is a lower cost stainless steel & aluminum housing for larger inline cameras. It is designed to protect your camera from impacts, dust, dirt, splashed water and idle hands. The enclosure is highly configurable, with air cooling and air curtain faceplate options. The standard cable gland at the bottom of the enclosure uses a split insert to provide a watertight seal around one or more cables. The gland allows passage of one or more premade cables without removal of the connectors from the cables. The enclosure is designed so that once the enclosure cover is removed (by loosening the captive screws), the user has full access to the camera & lens, taking the guesswork out of changing focus and f-stop settings. The standard 38D enclosure allows the lens to be adjusted close to the viewport to reduce reflections. The enclosure also is designed to readily accommodate large diameter lenses or ringlights up to 67mm in diameter (lit area).

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