Filter Regulator Assembly with embedded digital gauge and switch

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This assembly comes fully built and ready to install:

  • The ISE3 digital pressure switch (for positive pressure) with LCD readout for general pneumatics purposes. The ISE3 digital pressure switch allows the calibration of two independent outputs. Modular version can be integrated with ZX system.


  • SMC's new AF modular style air filter combines the element and bowl in one piece, making element replacement easy. There is a maximum 46% reduction in size, reducing required maintenance space. The AF bowl (size 30 and 40) is covered with a transparent bowl guard, allowing 360 monitoring. The modular design of the AF allows connection with other SMC air preparation equipment. 


  • AR regulator offers various pressure range settings to accommodate most applications. The locking adjustment knob prevents accidental setting changes. The modular design connects with other SMC air preparation equipment.
    • Modular type regulator
    • Optional embedded pressure gauge
    • Available with built-in backflow mechanism
    • Knob is made of ozone resistant rubber material (HNBR)
    • Improved relief sensitivity
    • 6 Sizes
    • Rc, NPT or G(PF) threads

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Expected release date is Jul 12th 2019