Barcode Verification Inspection Kit- Oriented Container

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Entry Level Vision System: Are you looking for a simple inspection system?

Oriented Barcode Reading System: 1D or 2D barcode on Front or Back/ Lid of container. "Oriented" requires product to be uniformly passed through vision system. System is able to fit directly on top of an existing conveyor, only needs about 5' of space.

System components: 3 Cameras, lighting, Encoder, Electrical enclosure with components, Stainless steel framing and bracketry. System Delivery within 4 weeks, pending confirmation of customer requirements and system availability. Systems are installed over an existing conveyor and require 4' of lineal space. Systems can be wash-down rated and include: a stainless steel frame, covers, electrical panel, and sensors. If needed, a rejector can be included as well as a manual and remote online training. System price includes Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) at VAIA with customer in attendance. Optional installation package not included in pricing.      

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